la moda sustentable vegana siempre está a la moda


la moda cuidadosa con el ambiente no pasa de moda
It’s no surprise that slow fashion has taken a while to get here but, trust us, it is worth the wait. You can’t rush excellence and it takes time to hone a skill, which is precisely why people appreciate quality clothes, handbags and accessories that haven’t been fast-tracked onto the shop floor.



Sustainable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and trusted techniques are not achieved overnight. Indeed, slow fashion is the ethos behind Canussa, a brand that makes handbags to keep and love forever, not to throw away after one season.This need for slow fashion is not unexpected because the discerning customer knows fast fashion is an exhausting issue and an environmental problem that can’t be ignored for much longer.


Quick clothing turnarounds and speedily produced collections to meet customer demand sound fresh and exciting but with cheaper, faster fashion there comes a temptation to throw away clothes and accessories after wearing them once or twice.
Whether it is down to fear of missing out on the next best trend, or simply because faster fashion has never been more affordable, it isn’t a sustainable habit because it hurts the environment over time.


It’s only when we stop to think about what happens to all the throwaway, low-cost clothes do we realise that sometimes more of everything is not necessarily a great thing, more so when tons of textiles are dumped in landfill instead of being recycled.
It isn’t just about a landfill problem either; producing textiles uses vast amounts of water, energy and chemicals.


The wear-it-once mindset is changing though, thanks to increasing focus on sustainable goals and slow fashion. Canussa looks to artisan workers to produce a range of functional, sustainable bags made from and eco-friendly fabrics.


Premium quality and functional design resulting in an eco-friendly bag with a smart-casual appearance is definitely worth the wait.


And yes, you can see great designs using vegan alternative to leather.