“Fashion Made in Spain”, much more advantages than you could ever think.

The last decades, most brands have produced in Asia where costs are much lower than in Europe, so you might wonder why at Canussa we want to make our accessories locally in Spain and pay that extra cost. We do hope that there are and there will be more and more and more consumers who believe there is much more behind when producing locally and are happy to contribute to all the benefits that it implies. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of all the benefits of producing locally, and hope we manage to explain them all.


When we say we want to be sustainable, we truly want to be as sustainable as possible. We believe being sustainable is not just about fabrics. Of course, we want to use sustainable fabrics but we also need to think about the important of high quality and durability, being socially responsibly, the waste we generate during the production process and the carbon footprint.




Let’s start saying that in Spain we have got some of the best leather artisans in the world. The techniques needed to produce top-end quality bags passes down from generation to generation, most artisans learn these skills when they’re young by watching their parents at work. So, definitely by producing in Spain we can make the most of the experience of these high qualified artisans to produce long lasting and high quality accessories. One of the huge problems of the fashion industry is the durability, looks like garments are not produce any more to last. We do want our accessories to last and to promote a more responsible consumption. Isn’t that a good reason already to produce in Spain? Well, this was one reason to start with, there are more reasons that hopefully will make you value more the “Made in Spain” products.


Unfortunately, in Spain we have got one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, so we are contributing to create jobs and improve local economy. In Europe there are more and more people concerned about the pensions and if we will be able to maintain the welfare stated. So, don’t you think by creating jobs in Spain and paying taxes in Spain we are not contributing to the problem, we are!


So, by producing locally in Spain it is much easier to ensure that the productions is made responsibly as we can have a close relationship with artisans and being in Spain we also know that employees have right: holidays, sick days allowance, … Rights that unfortunately do not exist yet in Asia.




Another issue within the fashion industry is the waste generated during the production process. We decided to acquire all of our fabrics locally in Spain, and we have agreed with them to send them back the waste produced during the production so we do not trough away any waste but to recycled any piece. If the production would not be local, it would be really difficult to manage to work on a Zero Waste model.


Last but not least, it is well known the issues that the CO2 is causing to the environment. We want to reduce as much as we can our footprint, so here you are, you have got another reason to produce locally, we are reducing our carbon footpath considerably as we get all our fabrics and production in Spain.

So, as conclusion, by producing Fashion Made in Spain we are ensuring high quality and long lasting products, we are being socially responsible and contributing to pay tax in Europe contributing to the European welfare estate, we can have a zero waste approach and we reduce our carbon footprint. So yes, producing in Spain and having local suppliers increase the costs of our accessories, is it worth the price?