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Closset by canussa lab

We have given a second life to textile waste

1 end-of-life bag = 10 bag hooks

After a year of work researching circularity at Canussa Lab we introduce Closset, a product that closes the life cycle of our bags, backpacks and accessories. By closing the C of Canussa we become a circular brand. Made from waste and end-of-life bags that would typically end up in a landfill, we give them a second life by turning them into an essential accessory for your closet.

  • Durability


  • recycled materials


  • we plant trees


  • minimal carbon footprint


  • Vegan


  • Made in Spain


functionality and design


  • _

    "We want to certify that our production is carried out in safe jobs and in optimal conditions"

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    "Their versatile and timeless bags have conquered us"

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    "It is enlightening to learn the true practises of Canussa, an authentic sustainable brand"

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    "Canussa manufactures vegan leather accessories such as belts, backpacks and bags with timeless designs"


Tote XXL Stone - Shoulder bags


TOTISSIMO Orange - Shoulder Vegan Bag


MOVE Black - Phone case


Basic Ocean Blue - Shoulder bags