hombre feliz bolso protector de notebook


hombre feliz bolso protector de notebook

Life is a juggling act at the best of times, more so when we’re working, travelling, and generally on the move throughout the day. Our goal is to create high-end functional bags in a beautiful design using the highest quality eco-friendly fabrics currently available.

Functional design

Our well-structured bags feature a deep, padded compartment to hold and protect technology, such as a laptop. There is a slim section for paperwork and lined internal pockets for a tablet, phone and charger. Zipped compartments within the bag keep personal belongings safe and secure while the smaller pockets are ideal for keys, passport, and wallet. Canussa bags are easy to carry while accommodating larger and smaller items without any fuss. We understand you want quick and direct access to whatever is in your bag. It’s not about tipping everything into one space, it is about a well-thought out interior and a focus on the finer details too.

Relaxed-modern style

These days, we’re seldom in one place for too long. More often than not, we travel, we discover, and we visit different locations to get the job done. Canussa has explored tried-and-tested designs to produce relaxed-modern bags for professionals on the move. We have created transitional bags that effortlessly take you from a meeting to after-work fun, the weekday to the weekend. Our smart-casual designs are specifically designed around day-to-evening activities and everything in between. We champion versatile style, too.


Exploring innovative eco-friendly fabric options is embedded in our DNA. We do believe that it is possible to obtain high quality and durable fabrics while being respectful to the environment. We carefully hand pick our suppliers in Southern Europe verifying that materials have been created with minimal environmental impact. Canussa strives to continue exploring and innovating with new eco-friendly fabrics.

Made in Spain by high skilled artisans

High quality leather goods require high specialization from artisans. In Spain we have some of the best skilled leather artisans in the world. The techniques needed to produce top-end quality bags passes down from generation to generation, most artisans learn these skills when they’re young by watching their parents at work. We wanted to have our bags created by local artisans while ensuring bags are made in safe and socially responsible workplaces. Our bags might take that little bit longer to produce but we truly believe that good things come to those who wait.