1) Where did the idea come from?


The idea developed in a pretty natural way. We both studied the same master’s degree and as a result we shared the same interests, such as human progress and the empathy of helping. We were also aware that we could not keep consuming the way we have been or living the same lifestyle.


After working in NGOs and Think Tanks in the world of politics, we realized that companies can also add real value to social progress, even though at times they’re demonized.


Throughout history we’ve seen that there is truly no other posible way to prosper but to change commerce and economic development.


Following this point of view, looking for the triple bottom line, Ecodicta was born. Initially we had the main objective of generating stable jobs in Spain but then we wanted also to give something back to society from our growth, into public health and education.













2) Why Fashion Sharing?


We believe that there are a lot of people and brands who are looking to share items, and base their decisions on shared values, and a common entity where brands and consumers with these same values could meet was missing.


The shared wardrobe allows us to promote sustainability as well as the brands that are already sustainable, and at the same time to help consumers who want to reduce the ecological footprint of their wardrobe. In addition, we can make people aware of the damage that fast fashion is causing to the environment.


Therefore, the Fashion Sharing Club is a tool of progress for the brands and also for our members.


3) What are the main challenges you are facing?

Currently we believe the most important challenge we face is those people who want a change and those who want to keep things the way they are. This means that all our efforts to become ever more sustainable are perceived by the consumer as something that everyone does, which is not right. Manufacturing 10% of stock with garments made of fabrics that are sustainable, or to add a basket to collect clothes are good and necessary actions, and we are happy to see some companies doing it,  but it is not enough and it could remain superficial. Additionally, the real change has to happen, whether those companies want it or not.

In addition, we wanted to use sustainability as a positive tool for change, and not just focus on the negative reasons. By that we mean using the disasters or negativity associated with the deterioration of the environment. We believe that the journey towards sustainability, on top of being a must, is fundamentally about the creation of postive spaces and things, morally and spiritually; also the generation of new businesses that are profitable and have a social focus.


4) Do you think consumers are ready to share instead of purchase?


The truth is that when we started, consumers were not ready to share, but it is certainly changing. Thanks to the pioneers in sustainability, such as Paloma from MSMAD, or companies like Ecoalf, the path opened for the rest of the companies that came after, like us.

The work of journalists highlighting Fast Fashion during the last few years has also had an impact. It’s persuaded consumers to change their perception of the fashion industry and remove any prejudices towards models of sustainable fashion.


On the other hand, there were many consumers concerned about the environment, but in industries other than fashion.


Even if there is still a long way to go, the previous work done has enabled our company to be better perceived by consumers.


5) Why did you decide to include Canussa at Ecodicta?


From the beginnig, we primarily saw that the quality and design stood out, and we loved both. We did not focus so much at the beginning on how much work and effort went into the products, nor the sustainability credentials, but mainly it was the high quality materials and finishing, and the attention to the detail in the design.


Afterwards, we also saw that the bag was highly resistant and durable, we found it in great condition after each rental. We have Canussa bags that have been rented 14 times and look like new, which compares well to other brands with a similar or even higher price, that after 2 or 3 rentals we have had to remove from our shared wardrobe.


6) What do you like most about Canussa?


What we like most overall: sustainability, durability, design and quality. 4 factors that are perfectly melded in the brand