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The amount of pollution, the use of natural resources and waste that has been generated by the fashion industry are just not sustainable. The planet has been dramatically damaged due to an industry that has not taken into consideration the fact that natural resources are limited. Each garment that it is produced is generating greenhouse gases which is causing climate change not forgetting that the amount of waste generated during the process of production and at the end of the life of each product causes serious damages to the environment.


If we want to let new generations a planet where they can meet their needs, we just cannot keep consuming the way we have been consuming. As consumers, we have got the power to decide what, when and where to purchase a product, which has a massive impact into the environment and the society. As responsible consumers, we should check the working conditions under which a product has been made, which materials have been used, the quality and durability, the carbon footprint generated… and act accordingly.


During the past decades, Fast Fashion has been promoting impulse buying and the general overconsumption of unnecessary purchases, throughout low cost promotions and programmed obsolescence. Black Friday is one example of a way to push impulsive sales by offering deep discounts.


There are many reasons why we say no to Black Friday, here you can find some reasons why you should say no to Black Friday:


  • Deep discounts communicate something to the consumer in terms of what that product is worth. If a Brand can make huge discounts in a product, it means there is a problem in the first place when the price was set. Many brands manufacture at very low costs in Asia and they can set up a high price so then they can reduce it and make the consumer feel they are getting a good deal.


  • Deep discounts promote impulse buying and the general overconsumption of unnecessary purchases


  • Small reduce dramatically margins: At Canussa we set up a price based on the local production costs, high quality fabrics and the margin our sustainable marketplaces and stores need to survive, if we would reduce the price, we and our partner would not be economically sustainable


cuidar animales y ambiente con la ropa


At Canussa, we just say no to join a marketing practice that push overconsumption generating unnecessary pollution and waste while reducing the capability of small business to survive.


Do not buy it if you do not need!