The role of Valencian companies in the European Green Capital 2024

The role of Valencian companies in the European Green Capital 2024

In 2024, Valencia has been officially chosen as the European Green Capital 2024, a title awarded each year to the European city at the forefront of sustainability, environmental policies, and urban improvement. The city is moving towards an exemplary ecological transition to enhance the quality of life for its citizens and visitors.

The Commission takes into account eleven principles to select the winner: Air quality, noise, waste, water, nature and biodiversity, sustainable land use, green economy and eco-innovation, climate change mitigation, sustainable urban mobility, energy efficiency, and governance.

Canussa, as a Valencian company, wants to highlight the effort and dedication of some of the local companies that are making a difference in some of these mentioned areas. In this article, we want to provide examples of inspiration and learning, exploring how some of these sustainable companies in Valencia are not only transforming their industries but also contributing to the well-being of our planet.

Slowers shoes: Fashion with values, sincere and committed

Slowers Shoes is a sustainable brand from Valencia that manufactures vegan shoes made from the heart for other people who love the slow life, nature, and the beings that inhabit it. They use biodegradable organic fabrics such as esparto, natural rubber, organic cotton, or linen.

Andreu World: Sustainable design furniture

Andreu World is a global company of sustainable design furniture. Their designs combine craftsmanship, innovation, and good design, manufacturing furniture for people's well-being and for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. All their collections are designed and manufactured 100% in a circular economy, and their pieces are easily separable and recyclable for a second life. Moreover, they are a B Corp company.

Cuit: Sustainable art in the form of ceramics

Cuit is a ceramic studio located in the Ruzafa neighborhood, where they combine creativity with environmental responsibility. Their unique and elegant pieces are handmade with local materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques, demonstrating that art and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Gaia Green Tech: Sustainable mobility

Gaia Green Tech is an accessible charging network where electric cars can be charged during work, shopping, or while exploring the city without worrying about the battery's charge status.

A-nat: Natural architecture for environmentally friendly spaces

A-nat defines itself as a studio of natural architecture and interior design, with the intention of creating environmentally friendly spaces. A hyper-local architecture model that allows relating environmental issues with the cultural tradition of each region, achieving not only the prevention of global warming and an improvement in air quality but also the recovery of the landscape quality of cities.


Maminat: Natural, ecological, and conscious cosmetics

Maminat understands that beauty is holistic and closely related to health and the balance between body, emotion, and mind. Therefore, their products are formulated with 100% natural high-quality ingredients, environmentally friendly. They also offer full transparency in the origin of all their ingredients.


Qomer: Natural, sustainably sourced ingredients

Qomer is a sustainable company from Valencia that designs, develops, and markets natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly bioactive products and ingredients, obtained from the best producing areas on the planet, with sustainability and fair trade principles for its producers. It is also a B Corp company.


Herbolario Navarro: Taking care of health and the planet

Herbolario Navarro is a reference in Valencia when it comes to natural and organic products. With a wide range of products ranging from food to personal care products, Herbolario Navarro is committed to the health and well-being of its customers and the planet.

Canussa Lab: Revaluing waste, promoting the circular economy

Canussa Lab is Canussa's innovation space where we transform textile and plastic waste from companies into valuable objects. The purpose is clear: commitment to a circular future, and the challenge is to turn waste into elegant, functional, and durable design products. Additionally, we have the Craftsmanship seal of the Valencian Community.