Corporate gifts: ideas to win over your clients

Corporate gifts: ideas to win over your clients

How well do we take care of our clients? Do you know how to do it? At Canussa, we are convinced that corporate gifts can become a powerful tool to build customer loyalty and strengthen the relationship with them. Discover how to choose the right business gifts, the benefits you will gain by implementing this strategy, and some original and creative corporate gift ideas that Canussa offers you.

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How to choose the best corporate gift

The art of selecting appropriate corporate gifts lies in knowing your clients well. Research their preferences, interests, and needs to find original corporate gifts. Consider personalized options that reflect the appreciation you have for them.

Personalized gifts are more memorable

When it comes to innovative corporate gifts, personalization makes a difference. Adding the client's logo and a special message to corporate gifts makes them more memorable and meaningful. Personalized corporate gifts for business clients create an emotional connection with your customers and strengthen the long-term business relationship, resulting in satisfied customers.

Have you tried sustainable corporate gifts?

Sustainability is already a reality in the business world, and sustainable corporate gifts are one of the most effective loyalty strategies to implement sustainability within your company. Opting for sustainable gifts shows that your company cares about making a positive impact on society. Recycled, circular, eco-friendly, and fair-trade products are ideal options to stand out with a responsible proposal and one of the best practices for corporate gifts to generate loyalty.

At Canussa, we offer some ideas for original and creative corporate gifts, on which any type of logo can be laser-engraved at no extra cost. Furthermore, they are corporate gifts made in Spain.


A versatile and modern phone case with two slots for multiple cards and a long strap to carry it comfortably. A very thoughtful idea if you are looking for corporate gifts for business events.

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Laptop sleeve:

A versatile, modern, and exclusive laptop sleeve. Resistant to light, water, and tears, this sleeve provides smart protection for your laptop and important documents.

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Minimal purse:

This genderless wallet and card holder has been designed to carry bills and coins along with the most important cards. Ideal for having the essentials with you at all times.

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Urban backpack:

Our most premium gift. An ideal backpack for professionals seeking an elegant and versatile solution. Highly suitable if you are looking for personalized corporate gifts for business clients.

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If you are looking for innovative corporate gifts, "Closset" is a hanger made from waste and handbags that have reached the end of their life cycle and would normally end up in a landfill. At Canussa, we give them a second life by transforming them into a hanger, hook, or lock. The Closset is one of those unique and memorable corporate gifts.

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Benefits of giving corporate gifts

The gesture of giving corporate gifts goes beyond satisfied and loyal customers. Personalized corporate gifts create an emotional impact, improve brand perception, and promote recommendations of your services.

But when should you give corporate gifts? Corporate gifts during Christmas are the most common, but they also work very well for anniversaries or corporate gifts for business events.

Ideas for selecting the corporate gift for your anniversary

Celebrate special moments with your clients by gifting items that commemorate your anniversary together. Choose unique and memorable corporate gifts that highlight the values of both parties with personalized messages.

How to create the perfect Christmas gift for your employees

Christmas is the perfect time to show your appreciation to your employees with corporate Christmas gifts. Choose practical and personalized corporate gifts because these details strengthen team spirit and motivate employees.

Key aspects to stand out with the best corporate gifts

Corporate gifts should represent the values and image of your company. Choose high-quality items that reflect professionalism and attention to detail. Ensure that your gifts are appropriate for the cultural and business context of your clients, respecting their preferences and internal policies. Consider that sustainable corporate gifts are the best practices for corporate gifts to generate loyalty.

Practical tips to impress with your corporate gifts

To leave your customers satisfied, it is essential to be creative and think outside the box. Incorporate personalized elements into your corporate gifts to create an emotional connection with your clients. Ensure that they are original, useful, and functional corporate gifts.

What not to give with these corporate gifts

Avoid corporate gifts that are not aligned with your company's values, such as low-quality or unethical items, as they can harm your brand's perception. Pay attention to the individual preferences and needs of your clients and choose innovative corporate gifts.

With these ideas and inspiration, you can create effective loyalty strategies through original corporate gifts that surprise and captivate your customers.