Fundadoras de Voramar Noelia y Nadina

Meet, Noelia and Nadine, founders of Voramar Fanplastic

At Canussa we love to meet entrepreneurs who are providing solutions to improve the world we live in. Voramar is a project from Valencia run by two amazing entrepreneurs who are creating beautiful bags from plastic bags that would normally end at a landfill.

Noelia y Nadina fundadoras de Voramar

Noelia and Nadine,  founders of Voramar Fanplastic


- Where did the idea of creating your project come from? 

The idea of creating woven bags from plastic bags comes from the passion we share for working with our hands, including crochet; and the need to raise awareness of excessive plastic consumption and contribute in some way to reducing it.

As we couldn't see a way of reducing more plastic beyond what we were already doing (not buying packaged products, using cloth bags, prioritising bulk stores, etc.), we looked for ways to give it a longer, more dignified life. That is when we had the idea of making woven bags from plastic bags.

 - What challenges have you had to face when creating upcycled fashion?

A very consumerist world used to very low prices, not accustomed to acquiring or valuing artisanal products.

Our product is recycled and 100% handmade in women's communities. Plus, since it is recycled and not produced with new materials, people seem to give it less value.

We're trying to change that little by little, giving new value to this type of product and transmitting the values that they entail.


bolsos veganos sustentables playa

- How do you see the future of fashion?

We see the need for an important change, which seems to be taking place little by little. 

Fashion is something we all use and consume in our day to day, so it has a direct impact on the well-being of our planet. 

Fashion should become a much more sustainable and environmentally aware industry. 

At VORAMAR FanPlastic we try to create values with our products to achieve that awareness.

 - Do you think a change is really possible?

With enthusiasm and desire, everything is possible, even if it takes some time, thinking global but acting locally, since each one of us can help the whole planet with our daily decisions.

hombre y mujer moda sustentable de verano


- What would you highlight about Canussa?

Your new product created with recycled materials. We love it! It is a backpack made from airbags and seatbelts.

Also María's willingness to work with us. VORAMAR fanplastic labels are made from remnants of Canussa bags.