Canussa and Track a Brand enable traceability and authenticity thanks to technology

Canussa and Track a Brand enable traceability and authenticity thanks to technology

In today’s market, for companies to build trust in their sustainability claims, they need to be transparent. Technology can help with this.

Canussa, the sustainable designer brand for professionals, together with Track a Brand, smart labeling solution company, came to a strategic agreement to work together on incorporating a smart tag technology into Canussa's products. Both companies, Canussa and Track a Brand, were founded by ESADE alumni, Maria Cano and Kirill Gusev respectfully.


The enormous environmental impact of the fashion industry is getting the attention of governments and consumers from around the world. Increased demand for sustainable products is pushing governments to consider how to reduce the carbon footprint in fashion by increasing its transparency and product lifespan. Similar types of sustainability-focused policy proposals were recently announced by the EU and the UK. These initiatives will help consumers combat greenwashing and make more environmentally friendly purchases.


Canussa with a help of Track a Brand decided to pioneer the ultimate transparency and incorporate the digital ID into their products before it will become a new norm in the EU.
The Track a Brand's platform generates digital IDs for each product, combining NFC tags and a crypto-protected product database. Canussa will be able to showcase products' sustainable footprint, authenticity, and philosophy to their customers. Also, this technology can open doors for safe and secure second-hand transactions, helping to increase the current somewhat limited lifespan of an average garment.


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There are similar platforms on the market that could be not affordable due to the high price per item. Often a product implementation on a company level requires further software development and an existing ecosystem, which is relevant to large corporations only. Track a Brand’s goal was to make its solution available and affordable for small and medium-scale sustainable brands. The solution itself includes a customizable platform for companies and an easy-to-use and attractive mobile app for their customers. This approach doesn't require any further software development made by the brand itself.

The Track a Brand app is linked to an NFC tag attached to each item at the stage of manufacturing. Users simply scan a product and get information on the item and the company that makes it. Today, items generally only show the country of origin and composition; in contrast, an NFC tag can store a range of information, including details of a product’s sustainability footprint.
With this technology, traceability and transparency can be raised to a whole new level, avoiding fake ‘greenwashing’ claims.  Also, the technology gives each product an identity. The item can tell its own unique story to a consumer. Also, Canussa can share its philosophy and environmental impact with its customers and gain market insights and consumer preferences that will improve its marketing and sales.

This collaboration has been possible thanks to Esade EWorks venture creation program that provides a series of activities and services designed to foster and support new venture creation and where Canussa and Track a Brand' paths crossed.

 About Track a Brand:                                                                     

Track a Brand has developed smart labeling solutions for sustainable industries. They create individualized solutions for companies to advance customer understanding and engagement and elevate consumer interactions to the next level across the lifespan of a garment.

Their smart label is designed to drive consumer satisfaction, confidence, and brand transparency in the sustainable fashion and lifestyle industries.  Its innovative technology is flexible, cost-effective and creates individualised solutions for brands to embrace radical transparency and enhance consumer engagement with their products.