Meet Raquel Passola, an expert in Vegan Fashion and Founder of Amapola Vegan Shop 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Raquel and talking with her about vegan fashion and sustainability.


1) Why did you decide to specialize in Vegan Fashion?

I opened Amapola Vegan Shop almost 9 years ago when I started a vegan lifestyle and I found it was very difficult to find vegan fashions such as shoes and accessories of quality, made with fabrics that did not contain any component from animalsWe were pioneers offering vegan fashion of quality, when in Spain the concept was still not well known. Today, there are many more vegan products and the demand for vegan brands has grown significantly. 

2) Why did you decide to specialize in Sustainable Fashion? 

 From my point of view, I cannot conceive of sustainable fashion without bearing in mind veganism. If you want to help the planet you also have to end deleted animal exploitation because it implies lots of suffering and at the same time an Environmental contamination .


3) What challenges are you are facing in Sustainable and Vegan Fashion? 

To offer vegan and sustainable fashion deleted implies working with lower margins compared to the margins that have shops with conventional fashion, because in these types of brands, all the agents involved in the process of design, manufacturing and distribution deleted receive a fair share.

4) Why is Canussa in your shop? 

 Because Canussa meetsour requirements when selecting a brandwith ethical production, vegan, sustainable and in Canussa, additionally proximity in production. 

Thank you Raquel. You can find here more about Amapola Vegan Shop and read more about our partners shops in our store section