dos bolsos en uno super util


dos bolsos en uno super util



 It’s a familiar process, tech stuff goes in the laptop bag while personal items and belongings are carried in a separate shoulder bag. Sound familiar?

It certainly looks familiar wherever you go, especially throughout the working day when people have flights or trains to catch, places to be and deadlines to meet. Carrying two bags, or more, is the norm for the modern, professional woman but it isn’t exactly practical, is it?

In fact, we’d go as far as saying that carrying two bags at once is a hassle and a downright inconvenience. It doesn’t make for a streamlined look either. So that’s why the idea of one functional bag designed to accommodate everything at once sounds so much easier.
We’ll admit, we’ve never mastered the art of travelling light. Life is simply too busy to fit into a compact purse. Work is not confined to a 9-5 routine either, which means we often go straight from the office to an after-work occasion without pausing to swap one bag for another or leave our laptop bag at the office. It is everything or nothing in our world.

This is because our work life balance has overlapped and changed, and we’ve adapted to a “new norm”, which means our bag expectations are higher than ever. We want premium quality designs that are built to last and look even better over time.

We also want the right size – enough pockets and separate compartments to store everything, including our tech possessions, so we never waste time searching through our bags to find a lipstick, a pen, or our keys. Our items perfectly stored in a designated place, within fingertip reach, is the ultimate convenience for the modern woman.

Canussa bags are all about convenience, functionality, and superb design. This means carrying two bags at once is no longer necessary. One Canussa bag is everything and more. There is room for a laptop, phone, charger, tech accessories, water bottle, and all the must-haves that go with us during the day. Better still, these high-end vegan leather bags are considered sustainable too, thanks to artisan craftsmanship and the use of eco-friendly fabrics wherever possible.

Two bags at once? No thanks, not when one perfectly functional, beautiful (and sustainable) one will do.