10 Innovative companies driving the circular economy

10 Innovative companies driving the circular economy

The circular economy presents itself as a solution to the current production and consumption model, addressing not only waste elimination but also the reduction of greenhouse gases and the minimization of natural resource extraction. The main objective is to maintain the value of products, materials, and resources in the economy for as long as possible, minimizing waste generation and maximizing resource utilization.

In this context, we would like to highlight 10 innovative companies that are working towards this goal, striving for transformation towards circularity in their respective sectors.

Plastiks Token - Digital currency funding plastic recovery

Plastiks Token is a cryptocurrency designed to finance plastic recovery initiatives. It acts as an economic incentive for projects and organizations dedicated to cleaning oceans and other bodies of water, as well as collecting plastics from terrestrial environments. The tokens can be used to track and certify the amount of plastic recovered, providing transparency and accountability. This blockchain-based approach ensures that funds are effectively allocated to cleanup and recycling efforts, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally responsible economy.

CoCircular - Technology that transforms waste into opportunities

CoCircular is a 360º advisor platform based on artificial intelligence that enables companies to achieve their decarbonization goals through circular waste management. This saves time and optimizes costs.

They combine the technical knowledge of their expert team with artificial intelligence to increase waste valorization, reduce CO2 emissions, and comply with the new requirements of European regulations.

Alaska - Second-hand furniture marketplace

Alaska is dedicated to restoring a carefully selected range of second-hand furniture, offering consumers the opportunity to acquire unique, high-quality pieces at affordable prices. In addition to fostering more conscious consumption, Alaska helps reduce furniture waste and extend its useful life, promoting a more circular approach to interior design.

Gravity Wave - Removing ocean plastic and adding new value

Gravity Wave is a company that removes plastics from the ocean and gives them new value. Its mission is to transform the recovered plastic into useful and sustainable products, thus promoting the circular economy. Through collaborations with fishermen and coastal communities, Gravity Wave collects marine plastic waste and converts it into materials that can be reused in various industries.

Winnow Solutions - Smart waste measurement

Winnow Solutions is using technology to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: food waste. With its innovative smart measurement system, this company helps commercial kitchens identify, record, and reduce food waste efficiently. By analyzing waste patterns and providing real-time data, Winnow Solutions enables chefs and kitchen managers to make informed decisions to minimize losses and maximize efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system.

Agro - Biomaterials

Agro is at the forefront of innovation in the agricultural industry, using renewable resources to create sustainable biomaterials. From biodegradable packaging to eco-friendly construction materials, Agro leverages the abundance of organic materials available in the field.

EALYX - Circular economy SaaS

EALYX is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that promotes the circular economy by optimizing processes and resources within companies. This technological tool allows organizations to manage their waste and resources more efficiently, reducing waste and maximizing the value of reusable materials.

Ekonoke - Sustainable vegetable production

Ekonoke uses precision agriculture techniques and water recirculation systems, producing leafy vegetables in controlled environments, minimizing the use of natural resources and completely eliminating single-use plastics in its packaging process. Additionally, by offering products in compostable packaging, Ekonoke ensures that its commitment to sustainability extends beyond the field to the consumer's home.

Creapaper - Eco-friendly grass paper

Creapaper is redefining the paper industry with its innovative and sustainable approach. By combining grass fiber with wood pulp or recycled paper, this company produces eco-friendly paper that significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional paper. In addition to offering a more sustainable alternative, Creapaper demonstrates the potential of biomass as a renewable resource, promoting a more circular and regenerative business model.

Canussa Lab - Smart solutions to drive the circular economy

Canussa Lab drives circular innovation with smart solutions. How? By discovering challenges through training workshops, connecting the circular innovation ecosystem with technology and stakeholders, and developing smart designs: adding value to plastic and textile waste. Additionally, they experiment in an innovation lab where they explore new materials, techniques, and technologies. Successful and validated experiments result in products sold by the smart design brand manufactured in Spain: Canussa Brand.