After a year of work researching circularity at Canussa Lab we introduce Closset, a product that closes the life cycle of our bags, backpacks and accessories. 

With the C of Canussa that makes it a circular brand. 

Made from waste and end-of-life bags that would typically end up in a landfill, we give them a second life by turning them into an essential accessory for your closet.


  1. Use our closet as a hanger or hook on any flat surface. At work, at a bar, a restaurant, or even at home. You will never leave your bag or backpack on the floor again. It can hold up to 10kg.
  2. Use our Closset as a lock. Tie it to a chair, a bike, a scooter or a buggy or even add an extra toiletry bag to your purse or backpack. And forget about your bag falling or getting stolen or snatched.