Meet Mariola Marcet, Founder of Upcyclick

Meet Mariola Marcet, Founder of Upcyclick

Mariola Marcet, Founder and CEO of Upcyclick,  is one of the entrepreneurs pioneer in Spain promoting upcycling within the fashion industry. We wanted to find out more about her amazing project.

Where did the idea behind upcyclick come from?

It came from another project of mine called “De armario a armario” that I started in 2010 and was about swapping clothes. Through this project that I started like a hobby I discovered the slow fashion movement that change my point of view about fashion. And I decided to be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem. In 2016 I had the opportunity to do an acceleration program for social projects organized by Social Nest foundation and there came out Upcyclick that won the “Distinction for the startup with the greatest social impact”.

Which challenges you had to face?

First of all, the lack of awareness from people about the meaning of “upcycled” . Nowadays we can hear and see more examples in the mass media and we can see examples in big brands, but when we started six years ago, in Spain it was a very unknown. That’s the reason why, from the beginning of the project, we have worked to teach and spread the sustainable fashion and Upcycling as a part of it. The second one it’s highlight the importance of the dressmakers, seamstress.

How do you think will the the future of fashion? Do you think a change is really possible?

I’m a very positive person so my vision is positive, but not so much if we don’t do something urgently to change the actual situation. 

To make a real change in fashion, it is necessary that all the parts take part in the process, that is: citizens, companies and governmental institutions. It is not only the citizen that has to support all the weight of being sustainable as it has been till now.

Fortunately, on March 30th, the first legislative initiatives were presented that mark the way towards sustainable production as the main standard of trade in the European Union.


fundadora de Upcyclick sonriendo

Mariola Marcet, Founder and CEO of Upcyclick

The EU Strategy on Sustainable and Circular Textile Products sets out targets and concrete measures to ensure that, by 2030, textile products marketed in the EU are long-lasting and recyclable and are made as far as possible with recycled fibers, without dangerous substances and produced respecting social rights and the environment. Consumers will enjoy high-quality textiles for longer, fast fashion should be out of fashion, and cost-effective reuse and repair services should be widely available. 

We hope that this strategy is really applied and controlled so that there is a real change in the industry would be the key to accelerating this change. Because there have been legislative initiatives similar to these, one specifically approved in 2018 at a European level that has not yet been applied due to pressure from large lobbies.

What would you highlight of Canussa?

The Timeless, the good quality and the practicality of all the products. Also the constant interest of its founder, Maria, to improve. She is always researching to contribute with her brand to the improvement of the fashion accessories industry, or rather, to change. I am lucky enough to chat with her often, share our concerns and see how we can support each other to make a real impact in fashion. María is a great person that I admire and appreciate.